A diverse group of organizations and Pennsylvanians sent this letter to members of the General Assembly today, raising concerns about the proposed cracker plant tax credit Beaver County.

Dear Honorable Members of the General Assembly,

We write to express our grave concern about the proposed cracker plant tax credit.  While we applaud efforts to attract jobs to our state, we are troubled by the cost of the proposed credit.  It comes at a time when the state is curtailing critical investments in schools, roads, and other public infrastructure, as well as in health care for children and services for people with disabilities, victims of domestic violence, and other vulnerable Pennsylvanians. 

Despite important funding restorations by the General Assembly, this year’s state budget still contains very significant cuts.  They represent the sixth consecutive year of reductions to human services, and follow last year’s extremely deep cuts to public schools.  The cumulative impact of these cuts is difficult to overstate.  While we share the administration’s commitment to finding efficiencies and demanding accountability for public dollars, the cuts are now deep enough that they cannot be absorbed by eliminating waste.  Instead, the quality of our children’s schools are suffering, our public infrastructure is being neglected, and ill children, people with disabilities, victims of domestic violence, and other vulnerable...

Governor Tom CorbettLegislative leaders and Governor Tom Corbett remain at odds over the 2012-13 state budget.

Lawmakers support restoring some of the worst cuts to early childhood education, aid to people with disabilities, state universities, environmental protection, and help for victims of domestic violence. Governor Corbett, however, is pushing for more than $300 million in cuts to the House-Senate budget plan.

There’s no reason for this. Last week, the Independent Fiscal Office reported that healthy revenue growth means the state will have $626 million more to spend in the new budget than initially expected.

Contact Governor Tom Corbett to urge him to do better:

Call him at (717) 787-2500 and say: "I am calling to urge the governor to support the Legislature's $27.7 billion budget proposal. We can afford to support our children and youth, people with disabilities, victims of domestic violence, and hardworking Pennsylvanians who lost their jobs in the recession. We must continue to invest in communities and the infrastructure that keeps our economy growing."

Click here to email the governor (includes a sample email...

A bipartisan group of local officials from across Pennsylvania urged Gov. Corbett and lawmakers to reject pressure to enact new business tax cuts and instead restore funding to schools and county human services. The group of 52 elected officials from both parties and all levels of local government sent a letter to the governor (and copied members of the Legislature) on Friday.

Download a PDF of the Letter 

June 1, 2012

Hon. Tom Corbett
Main Capitol Room 225
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Dear Governor Corbett:

As elected officials from across the state we write to express our grave concern about the proposed cuts to human services programs and to our local schools.  With the state’s revenue picture improving, we urge you to support full restoration of funding, to preserve our ability to educate our children and to deliver preventive and treatment services to our most vulnerable constituents.

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, our communities have faced reductions in state funding, higher demand for services and declining local revenues.  We have faced these challenges by reducing costs and streamlining service delivery, often making the difficult decision to reduce services, increase local taxes or both. 

The proposed cuts will devastate carefully developed systems for addressing homelessness, mental health, addiction services and intellectual disabilities.  They will jeopardize...