Several Better Choices coalition partners participated with other allies in a press conference at the state Capitol on Wednesday, October 7th, calling on legislators to end the budget impasse by responsibly raising the revenue needed to restore funding that was cut from education & human services in recent years. Stable, recurring revenue will also allow for additional investment in future budgets. Speakers included parents of public school students, service providers, and leaders of advocacy organizations. WFMZ-TV Channel 69 News in the Lehigh Valley reported on the event.

On Thursday, September 3, 2015, the Philadelphia Inquirer published an op-ed by Kathy Fisher, policy manager for the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger, a member of the Better Choices for Pennsylvania coalition.

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Kathy Fisher op-ed

Press Conf - 08-26-2015


(HARRISBURG, Pa.) – Aug. 26, 2015 –The Pennsylvania legislature needs to buckle down and finally start working on a sustainable state budget, a coalition of human services and budget groups said in a press conference in the Capitol Rotunda the morning after the House took a series of unsuccessful and likely unconstitutional line-item veto override votes on the budget passed at the end of June. Gov. Wolf vetoed that budget in its entirety on June 30, after introducing in March his own budget proposal, which the General Assembly’s leadership failed to seriously consider.

After seven weeks of game-playing culminating in last night’s show that flopped, speakers at the press conference told lawmakers that it’s long past time to negotiate a budget that increases education funding, protects Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable citizens and makes gas drillers pay their fair share in a severance tax.

"As the budget impasse drags on, it seems like the very real needs of Pennsylvanians who are hurting are being cynically disregarded in favor of political games that will do little good for anyone,” said Alan Jennings, executive director of the Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley. “Too many people in the...