Coalition Principles

It is the legal and moral duty of Pennsylvania government, state and local, to efficiently deliver essential, quality services to Pennsylvanians.  All Pennsylvanians – children, families, business owners, residential taxpayers, senior citizens, and others – benefit from this necessary government infrastructure.

Despite economic and fiscal challenges, we have the opportunity to build a better and more prosperous state.  To do so requires appropriate funding for education, health care and services to vulnerable Pennsylvanians, and qualified individuals at the state and local level to provide those services.

We now have the chance to take action that keeps Pennsylvania looking forward, action that encourages and maintains the state’s long-term fiscal well-being. By investing in our families, in our resources, and in our existing assets, we will guide our state into renewed prosperity. 

Coalition members will work in support of the following:

  • A balanced approach to the state budget. Long-term revenue solutions must be considered instead of relying only on cuts to services. A balanced approach will improve efficiency, promote accountability, protect families and pave a faster and more sustainable path to prosperity.
  • A state budget that builds upon sound public investments. We must maintain strategic public investments in education, health care, transportation, natural resources and human services that make our state a desirable place to live and create a healthy climate for economic growth.
  • A state budget that addresses immediate needs and prepares for the future.  Policymakers must lay the foundation for continued prosperity by adopting long-term strategies and lasting solutions. Responsible action today can avert future crises and provide stable funding that grows in tandem with need. 
  • A state budget that includes productive, stable revenue that reflect today’s economy. We must reform our outdated revenue system, implementing a taxation structure that ensures that all individuals and businesses pay their fair share and provide sustainable, accountable revenue for critical government infrastructure – in good times and in bad.