About the Coalition

Get Pennsylvania Back on Track

Reinvest in Economic Competitiveness

As the nation emerges from the recession, it is time for Pennsylvania to get our economy back on track by investing in the fundamentals. 

During the recession, as tax revenues slumped, we skimped on investments in schools, roads, health care systems, and other critical infrastructure. 

As tax revenues improve, we must use the opportunity to rebuild public infrastructure and lay the foundation for long-term prosperity.

End Costly, Poorly Targeted Tax Breaks

Instead of reinvesting in our classrooms, bridges, and research facilities, policymakers have too often chosen to spend growing revenue on costly, poorly targeted tax breaks. 

These tax breaks typically include few if any accountability measures, so they do little to create jobs. 

And they come at a high price: they whittle away at our ability to build sound public infrastructure, jeopardizing future economic competitiveness.