Coalition Resources: 2012-13 Budget Talking Points

Talking Points: Governor’s 2012-13 State Budget

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Pennsylvania lawmakers can avoid deep cuts that hurt children, families and seniors without raising taxes. They should take a balanced approach by closing tax loopholes and delaying corporate tax cuts.

  • An all-cuts approach hampers our ability to create jobs, shifts more of the costs onto local property taxpayers and undermines our quality of life.
  • Pennsylvania can no longer afford unfair tax loopholes or tax cuts with no accountability. Every penny lost means additional cuts to schools, colleges, human services and health care.
  • Big profitable corporations have gotten billions in state tax cuts, and they have returned pennies on the dollar in new jobs. We should be investing in building a stronger economy and a better Pennsylvania.

The Governor’s budget is out of step with middle-class families who want good schools, affordable colleges, and thriving communities.

  • Wise investments have made Pennsylvania a place where people want to settle down and raise a family. The Governor’s cuts put those ideals at risk.
  • This budget jeopardizes opportunities for the next generation. Our youngest children will miss out on opportunities to get a head start in life, while older students won’t be able to take advanced classes that could prepare them for college.
  • We cannot afford to lose the young people and families who are key to building a stronger economy and a better future.

This budget puts seniors, children and people with disabilities at risk.

  • Five years of cuts are undermining Pennsylvania’s commitment to protecting our seniors, children and people with disabilities.
  • It makes no sense to slash cost-effective preventative services that will end up sending more people to the ER, shelters or nursing facilities at a higher cost.
  • Pennsylvania will be stronger if seniors can get quality nursing and at-home care, people with disabilities can get the support they need to live independently, and kids can see a doctor when they get sick.

These cuts are penny wise but pound foolish, and our economy will pay the price.

  • By making cuts to education, hospitals and nursing homes (feel free to add your own service here), the state is ignoring its responsibility and passing the buck on to local property taxpayers.
  • These cuts mean lost jobs. Cuts to hospitals put nurses and health care staff out of work. Teachers and other front-line workers in communities across the state have lost jobs and will continue to.
  • Cuts to public universities drive up tuition and cut off the innovation needed to grow our economy and create new jobs.

We all benefit when the state invests in creating strong communities and a healthy economy.

  • Investing in families and children is not just the right thing to do; it is one of the smartest investments that we can make. We’ll get back much more than we spend now, with a productive workforce, better health, and stronger communities.